FaB have a nice blend of fun and business

FaB have a nice blend of fun and business

The FaB Club is a genuinely ‘FUN AND BUSINESS‘ ladies networking club based in Yorkshire.

We’re a small intimate club with members who are not only friendly, vibrant and bubbly, but also successful professional women in business from a variety of different organisations.  Yes we meet monthly, yet FaB members also benefit from regular FUN events, such as days at York races,  and we even had an awesome trip to the Champagne region in June 2013 where we all stayed in a chic Château! These have ALL enabled really strong relationships to develop and proved extremely successful for creating new BUSINESS, contacts and opportunities as well as encouraging collaborations.  So we are truly a FUN and BUSINESS networking club!!

Our desire is to grow our membership although our aim is to keep the member numbers relatively limited with a clear focus on diversity across businesses and industries.  We believe it is one of our core strengths and a model for our development and continued success.

thanks for inviting me to the FaB luncheon, it really was FUN and BUSINESS!!  Thank you

At our monthly luncheon meetings at Browns Bar and Brasserie in Leeds, we welcome a select number of invited guests to join us to enjoy some good food and get involved in our entertaining, amusing and lively discussions.  If you fancy learning a bit more, or coming along to one of our lunches, please call or email us, we would love to hear from you!

Want to see our members profiles?  Click here

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