Are we all sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

wordsmithSince prehistoric men and women painted on the walls of their caves we have told stories. Whether that’s a tale passed down through generations or one written down in a book, we’re wired to remember stories better than facts. I’m sure you had a favourite story as a child that you can still recount now and you probably return to a handful of old faithfuls when reading to your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.

Maybe I chose the career I did because I never really grew out of reading and writing stories? Who knows, but as a professional storyteller in the public relations industry, my day job for 15 years was to seek out stories from within the organisations I worked for and turn them into something the media would want to print or broadcast.

I’d like to think I did that pretty well, I even won some awards for my work. You can read one of my favourite stories, crafted for a client a few years ago, here.

How to tell your story

These days a company blog is the easiest and best place to tell your story. It allows you full control over what is published, takes far less effort than getting something in the media and helps people to engage with the personality of your business.

When writing a blog, the same rules as writing stories apply:

  1. Think about how you want to make the reader feel – excited, inspired, enthused, safe?
  2. Then know your beginning, middle and end
  3. Write in a tone of voice that will engage your audience, and that is authentically you/your business
  4. Keep it interesting – this is about the reader getting to know the business, your expertise and opinions, but to keep them reading you have to maintain their interest
  5. Watch your words – stay away from jargon or words that could alienate your reader. Just as a fairytale doesn’t contain long and difficult-to-read words, your blog should be suitable for the average customer

The Wordsmiths Unlimited story

Louise is a mum of two, wife of one, lover of red wine and sleep, but doesn't get enough of either!

Louise is a mum of two, wife of one, lover of red wine and sleep, but doesn’t get enough of either!

Five years ago I decided to use my skills for a broader range of businesses by working for myself. These days I tell the stories of many companies, from a small and sparkly jeweller who makes stunning bespoke engagement rings to an organisation which helps SMEs accelerate their growth.

Each week I write blogs, case studies and newsletters for regular clients, mixed up with projects I work on with the wider Wordsmiths Unlimited team, such as this recent brochure and website for a new kitchen brand. We love anything crafted with the written word – from video scripts and storyboards to whole new websites and our particular specialism, award entries.

Check out our full portfolio of recent work on the Wordsmiths Unlimited website.

Most businesses recognise they need to do some sort of marketing. If you’ve run out of time to write your own blog, find the idea itself stressful or have a pile of ideas but no clue about where to start, we can help. All of our contact details are here we’re happy to buy the coffee if you want a no-obligation chat.




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