Working your wardrobe

Tea drinking, marathon running, wardrobe rescuing angel!

Fashion is constant and constantly changing: a fickle and tricky beast, one minute it’s stars, the next stripes. Like a roller coaster without a start or stop, fashion just keeps on going with highs, lows and the occasional breakdown thrown in for good measure. So when trends rock around each season it is a smorgasbord of lovely newness and a terrifyingly daunting prospect at the same time. How do you know which trends are for you? More importantly, how do you know if they’ll even work in your wardrobe?

Wardrobe Angel Stephanie has our member spotlight at the FaB Club on Thursday 10th July 2014 luncheon

Firstly, you have to have your wardrobe building blocks in place. Wardrobe building blocks ensure you always have something to wear. They are the foundation, the cornerstone, the saviours of a happy wardrobe and its even happier owner.

Secondly you have to make some decisions about colour – what colour your building block colours will be. Choosing 2 or 3 neutrals will really help.

 Thirdly, deciding on a pattern strategy will keep you focused when shopping. You might love an animal print but be repelled by strong graphic prints, you may love an abstract sketch or be drawn to florals. Having a pattern USP will help shape your wardrobe no end.

Then you need a list. You wouldn’t go shopping without a list so keep one in your phone with what you really need in your wardrobe. It might be a suit for summer, a leather bag, tights, pyjamas. This will keep you a bit more focussed and a bit less likely to impulse buy.

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